Reichenbach Dbische Gegebenheiten zu Berlin

Karl Freiherr von Reichenbach (1788-1869)

„Just a few minutes above the last vineyards Grinzing whose golden juice summer lures and winter visitors from far and near to Vienna was a few years ago a castle. The place is empty today, just a few meters from the former Cobenzl bar and the busy high road away.

In the once splendid castle, surrounded by flowering meadows, rushing forests and always well-stocked dairy farm, lived Baron Karl von Reichenbach. He was a chemist and naturalist, and with some inventions in the field of dyes he had increased his fortune.

How he went course in history, was ‚to be‘ neither creosote yet paraffin, yet due kerosene, but on a mysterious, perceived by some people in the dark light phenomenon that also in humans (especially on the hands and the head), but occurred magnets and crystals. Reichenbach called this phenomenon ‚Od‘, simply because he wanted to have a quick word with a vowel; he had against long words like ‚electricity‘ or ‚magnetism‘ always an abomination.

Reichenbacn was one of those who, when they had discovered something not let loose. More than twenty years he experimented with many hundreds of people who were able to see the light. He called the seer ‚Sensitive‘ and still calls the psychic research people who are capable of paranormal perceptions, with this atmosphere of Reichenbach word.

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